Stories and Memories - Nomad Blues
Nomad Blues By Mark Miller, (Key of G, 112 BPM)
MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
Verse 1
Standing at the bar and I’m, going nowhere
I haven’t had a drink since, ‘84
I’ll know where I’m going, when I get there
For now this place I, call home
Wave goodbye to that American dream
Another number in their machine
Lost my paycheck but found my soul
On the road is where I’ll grow old
Verse 2
I can build a fire, Empty buckets
Change my tires and, Paint my home
Don’t want to miss, This life I’ve worked for
Time moves past you and, and you’re gone
Instrumental interlude
Mailed a letter today, just a way to kill time
No return address to say, gotta keep my ballot filed
Verse 3
Empty homes, blank faces
Land of the never free, Home of the paved
Cleared out debris, Called in favors
Happier now than, I have ever been
OUTRO: Instrumental interlude