Stories and Memories - Righteous Path
RIGHTEOUS PATH By Mark Miller, (Key of G, 126 BPM)
MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
Verse 1:
I’ve been down & I’ve been troubled
I been on that path before
Loneliness in that I’m finding
Learns me more than I could have known

Verse 2: (Repeat above progression)
Beneath the tides of the ocean
As tender as it is cold
The bullet missed my heart
But w/o a doubt, it struck my soul
The righteous path ain’t easy
The wages owed are taken
But you find yourself in
Much better shape than before
Break -- Banjo
Verse 3:
Seething with your anger
only leads to more regret
listen to me, my brothers
hate only breeds more day to day
Break on Melody -- fiddle
Repeat Verse 2, Chorus + tag, Outro- intro lick slowly x2