Stories and Memories - Fourteen Days
Fourteen Days by Mark Miller, MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
Chorus 1
I’ve been on the run for 14 days, and I
Can’t wait to see to you
The roads I traveled have left me undone, to the
Point of no return
Verse 1
Take your chances
Play your aces
All the folding is done
It’s not a lie
If you believe it
A broken promise can run
I come down, on my Knees to pray
Someone, listen to my words
The paths I’ve followed have left me alone, when I
Most need someone
Verse 2
Won’t move away
Can’t make you stay
Maybe our time has run
I made changes
And paid my wages
In more ways than one

Shadows move, over where I lay,
This could be my end
Storm and thunder, lay me to bed
Another journey ends
Verse 3
Struggles keep pushing
My mind to believing
The battle is never won
Each day I’m finding
More reasons, to
Walk the path that I’m on
+ tag (with C G x 3)
Point of no return
And I can’t get the Journey Done
It’s a Point of no return
Then lagged on one last CG x 3 (Fiddle)