Stories and Memories - Make It Up
Make It Up By Randy Hanson
(Key of Em, 127 BPM) MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
(Tribute to Mark Twain’s Civil War/Reconstruction Days in Nevada)
Verse 1
Swappin’ lies at the Bucket of Blood
Silver flowin’, like Virginia City blood
Twain’s crazy stories are floatin’ from his head
Tales for breakfast, on a twisted little thread
Headed down from the mines, he’d stumble on home
Twain was their favorite son, shootin’ like the paper’s gun
Paiutes, miners, killers too, make it up and tell a fool
Just to crazy, to crazy, Just to crazy, to Make It Up
Verse 2
Small town dog, is sleepin’ in the street
Small town hogs, got lawyers in a beef
Small town frog, is jumpin’ on your bet
Small town rag, is digin’ up the rest
Verse 3
When I was younger, I could remember anything,
Whether it happened or not, ain’t no big thing
Hill Bender Twain, got me square in his sights
Kidnapped by his story, when the truth left town