You're Not Gonna Use Me (3:51)

Songwriters: Sheena Persons, and Sheila Rochelle
Publishers & PRO: Song Source Inc. (ASCAP),Triage Music Inc. (BMI)

Contact Information:
Byron Hill

Yesterday I saw a friend
That said you were in town again
You were looking for me
Last night I tossed and turned
Thinking back to bridges burned
I thought I was free

Your not gonna use me
Your not gonna do me
The way that you used to do
Your not gonna come on
So beautiful and so strong
And then say with the wind we are through
Just let me be
Your not gonna use me

Tonight I'm sure I'll get your call
So tempted to forget it all
And let you back in
But I'll look down at this tattoo
The one I got because of you
Says never again
Never again