You're Not Gonna Use Me (3:51)

Songwriters: Sheena Persons, and Sheila Rochelle
Publishers & PRO: Song Source Inc. (ASCAP),Triage Music Inc. (BMI)

Contact Information:
Byron Hill

"Unfortunately, too many of us have found ourselves in those situations where we have given so much of ourselves and realized that after investing our hearts that the feeling wasn't necessarily mutual. In the end it just boils down to selfishness on their part. This song is about gathering your pride and strength and not allowing yourself to be matter how pretty the package."-Sheila

Recorded in Nashville, TN, February 2018. Engineered by Lera Lynn, Todd Lombardo, Byron Hill. Additional recording at Secret Location Studio on February 2018. Engineered by Byron Hill. Todd Lombardo (Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, and Synth), Byron Hill (other instrumentation). Mixed at Secret Location Studio, Franklin, TN. Mastered by Rob Matson

All vocals by Missouri Mile
Produced by Byron Hill