Why You Gotta Be Like That (3:23)

Songwriters: Sheena Persons, Sheila Rochelle, and Byron Hill
Publishers & PRO: Song Source Inc. (ASCAP),Triage Music Inc. (BMI), and Rambler American Music (ASCAP)/DHM Administration (ASCAP)

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Byron Hill

Boy you always call me baby
And you know it drives me crazy
Everytime you walk into this place
And you smile at me that way

I think you know just what you’re doing
But who do you think you’re foolin’
Even i’ll admit i’ve played a long
But we both know it’s wrong

Why you gotta to be like that
Giving me a heart attack
With those big blue eyes you look through
It’s like they see more here than you do
Why you gotta come in here
Acting so damn sincere
When we both know
Where you’re heart is at
Why you gotta to be like that

I know the way you like your whiskey
And i love you’re laugh when you get tipsy
Even from across this crowded room
Feels like it’s just me and you