Died A Little Bit (3:09)

Songwriters: Sheena Persons, Sheila Rochelle, and Byron Hill
Publishers & PRO: Song Source Inc. (ASCAP),Triage Music Inc. (BMI), and Rambler American Music (ASCAP)/DHM Administration (ASCAP)

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Byron Hill

I watched the news the other day
Made me start thinking i should pray
Can’t tell the right from wrong
So many things have gone astray

Had to set the morning paper down
Couldn’t take another round
All that negativity
Just gets the best of me i’ve found

I think we’ve died a little bit
Changed a lot from it
Whatever’s going on it just ain’t good
It’s hard to smile like we did
When we’ve all died a little bit

Everybody’s getting mad
Can’t agree on this or that
Losing lots of friends
When will it ever end, it’s sad

Those politicians come to mind
They’re building walls and drawing lines
In this sandbox where we live,
They’re acting just like kids, sometimes