Tennessee Moon 2:55 (featured track)
Tennessee Moon 2:55

Contact: Mark Whitt
Phone: 937-416-4098
Email: Info@markwhitttruebluegrass.com
Songwriter: Mark Whitt
Publisher: BMI
Copyright: 2021

ISRC: QM9A92026683

Produced by: Clay Hess
Mastered by: Clay Hess
Recorded: Clay Hess Studio, Peebles, Ohio


Lead vocals: Mark Whitt
Tenor Vocal: Clay Hess
Clay Hess: Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
Tim Crouch: Fiddle

I was inspired to write the title track, Tennessee Moon, based on my love for the state of Tennessee. I travel through Nashville a couple times a year and I love seeing the skyline from a distance. In my opinion, it’s amazing. I started thinking about how beautiful the Tennessee moon is in the evening and I thought, this would be a perfect title for a song. In fact, the Harvest Moon featured on the back cover of the CD, was taken from the banks of Houston County Tennessee. This sets the stage for the makings of Tennessee Moon. Tennessee Moon is a love story with a good ending. Making your way back to not only your home town in Tennessee, but to the love of your life. It takes you on a journey back to your roots, forgetting the past, while visualizing the future with your true love.