1rst Thirty thousand feet above
Flying west clouds below
Looking like a frozen field
An Arctic home of virgin snow

Chorus As my mind begins to drift
Back into another time
I cant help but reminisce
And turn a page
In the scrapbook of my mind

2nd Looking back on all the dreams
I planned to try now left behind
Always thought thered come a day
Theyd all work out in their own time

Chorus Faded memories of the past
Picture postcard marred with lines
Always thought those dreams would last
I guess they did
In the scrapbook of my mind

Musical interlude and solo

3rd How did all this time go by
Whered it go, where was I
It started like a summers day
Long and warm with deep blue sky

Now the days just go too fast
It seems so hard to find the time
The stage is set, the dye is cast
Cant change a page
In the scrapbook of my mind

Words and Music by Mark Wayne Glasmire, ASCAP
Traceway Music, ASCAP, 2002