The Last Goodbye
The Last Goodbye

Your closet’s dark an empty
Car keys in your hand
The silence is so painful
Knowing the next step in your plan
Although we’ve been here many times
We’ve never closed the door
And it’s hard to find
The words I’m searching for

But I won’t be the first
To say the last goodbye
We could always start again
And give it one more try
If just one word will make you go
I’ll keep it locked inside
I won’t be the first to say the last goodbye

The anger and the hurt
Are all around like smoky haze
It’s so hard to see the good times
And remember better days
Although we’ve had a lot of laughs
We’ve cried to many tears
And your look tells me
The words you think you’ll hear

Repeat Chorus

So if think that we should part
I won’t stand in your way
And though we’ve said a lot of things
There’s one thing I won’t say

Repeat Chorus

Words and Music by Mark Wayne Glasmire, ASCAP, Craig Holland, ASCAP
Traceway Music, ASCAP, 2003