She's Got It All
She’s Got It All

I met her at a truck stop
Sipping on a coke
Wearing bright red knee high Dingos
And a faded blue denim coat
I asked if I could sit down
Nervous as a cat
It didn’t take a PHD to see that
She was where it’s at

She’s got it all
Body, looks and style
I’ve never seen a picture
Prettier than her smile
She's got it all
Now She's got my heart my heart
I was a goner right from the start
She’s got it all

The next thing I remember
The sun was coming up
We spent our very first whole night together
In the back of my pick-up truck
That’s how this whole thing started
The rest is history
It’s hard to find the words it takes to tell you
What she means to me

When we met she was only eighteen
But now she’s pushing forty-five
She makes this middle aged man from Nashville
Feel like the luckiest man alive

Words and Music by Mark Wayne Glasmire, ASCAP & Tom Guardino, BMI
Traceway Music, ASCAP, 1996