Last Of A Dying Breed
Last of a Dying Breed

When I was young, I had a dad
Who'd kick my butt, when I was bad
He tried to teach, me right from wrong
To stand up tall, to grow up strong

Respect my mom, respect my school
Respect each other, respect the rules
Don't be afraid, to take a stand
Admit your wrong, or lend hand

These are values I was taught
And think of every day
Looking back I wouldn't change a thing
Or have it any other way
But as I look around the world
It's easy to believe
I'm one of the last
Of a dying breed

I go to work, most every day
I work long hours, for not much pay
But I am glad, for what I get
It buys my food, it pays my rent
And I am proud, of what I make
I try to give more then I take
And every night I pray to God
And thank him for home and job

Repeat chorus

I was raised to be a man whose strong but not too tough to cry
To stand up proud and salute the flag when the stars and stripes go by

I try real hard to do my best
But I don't always past the test
Sometimes I trip, sometimes I fall
Sometimes my backs against the wall
But I don't count on someone else
To do what I should do myself
Cause in the end it's up to me
To be all I can be

Repeat chorus
Words and Music by Mark Wayne Glasmire,ASCAP