Going Home
Going Home

Early November
Leaves turning colors of red and faded brown
Autumn wind blowing from the east
Sun sinking in the west as I headed out of town
Leaving behind memories of how my life used to be
Not knowing what lies 'round the bend
Keeping my eyes on a bright new horizon
Starting all over again

Going home
Back to the place where I'm sure that I first felt your love
Going home
No matter how long you're away it still fits like a glove
I know that I've been away far too long
But I think my heart know the way
I am not sure if it's right or it's wrong
This time I think I might stay
Going home

Thirty-six years
Of doing my duty twenty-four hours a day
Gave all I had till there's no more to give
Lord knows the high price I've paid
5:30 mornings and calls without warnings
Laying my life on the line
Postures and stances and rare second chances
They say all things heal over time

Repeat Chorus

Words and Music by Mark Wayne Glasmire, ASCAP 2010