The Silas Powell Band - Hometown Blues
Hometown Blues
Lyrics and Music by Silas Powell

I've been stuck in this small town for all my living life.
Seen them barely pave the road, maybe once or twice?
Yeah, nothing around has changed at all since I’ve been living here
And I don’t feel sincere.

Hometown Blues
There’s nothing more in my short life that i would rather lose
than My own hometown blues.

The fateful day the pipeline came this place has gone to hell
With promises of jobs and wealth, but poverty still dwells
And while the fat cats get their cash, these folks will have to pay
And I don’t wanna stay.

Hometown Blues
You’d think with all this gas-line cash this town would pay its dues
It's my own Hometown blues

Same ol’ fast food burger joints since I was just a kid
And the neighbors tell the same old tales of gossip from their lips.
I guess change is the last thing here on anybody’s mind
Unless you’ve got a dime

Hometown blues
Same old people, restaurants, and nothing else to do,
my own hometown blues

Hometown Blues
Been the same for 20 some
Not to long until I run
I’m one step short from suicide If I don’t leave here soon
My own hometown blues