Only You
Title: Only You
Words & Music By: Debra Lee & Rick Denzien

My whole world is shaken
I feel forsaken
There’s nothing more I can do
Only can accept it
And not regret it
My connection with you
And so I say goodbye - Through these tears I cry

Only you can decide
What you need and feel inside
Only you can finally make it happen
And find what really matters to you

Lonely tears I’m crying
I’m through denying
What you say is true
You don’t even love me
Even though you want me
So I let go of you
And so I choose to leave – This make believe

My whole world is shattered
My whole world is shattered
And so broken here beside me
And everything that matters
Everything that matters to me
I’ll take what’s worse for better
Now that our forever is through

Only you – Only you

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