Not Now
Not Now (words and music by Loretta Hagen. © 2020. ASCAP - release to radio April 1, 2021) NOT NOW [4:10]  
ISRC QM7M72151570 – ASCAP 

I am shipwrecked
On an ocean wide
I barely catch my breath
When the winds subside
Never felt so lonely
As night closes in
I will either sink
Or swim

I was side swept
In a hurricane
My knees hit the deck
With the pelting rain
I’ve been praying so hard
For God’s helping hand
I won’t let this be
The end

Not now I’m not ready
Now to let go
Now I hear my family
Calling me back home
Now to hug my children
With all my might
Now they’re my reason
To fight for my life

I’ve been drifting
Under a moonless sky
I shout the dark
But no one hears me cry

Maybe by morning
When a new day begins
This will all have been
A dream

Chorus: Not Now......
My Will to live
Is stronger than it has ever been

Chorus: Not Now.......