That's Life
My baby told me she was leavin'
I cried and begged her not to go
Since she got on that train it's been loneliness and pain
And when she's comin' back, nobody knows

Her sister lives in Shreveport Louisiana
Her mama's down in Kingsport, Tennessee
I don't know where she's gone but she's been away too long
While I'm drowning here in misery

I'm sittin' here waitin' on a train
Sittin' here waitin' on a train
I'm starin' down those tracks, Lord I want my baby back
I've been sittin' here waitin' on a train

My friends they all tell me that I'm crazy
They say I'm better off since you've gone
They don't understand, without you I'm half a man
And I'm tired of livin' in this house alone

If she don't come back soon, I'm gonna follow
I'm gonna hop that southbound train and ride
I'll search from town to town 'til my true love can be found
And my baby's right back here by my side


That 8:05 just pulled into the station
She's runnin' just a little bit behind
From the platform, I can see my baby smilin' down at me
So I'd have to say she made it right on time