Little Did They Know
Little Did They Know
@Rick Lang

There Joseph stood in the crowded doorway, of that Inn at Bethlehem.
Seeking shelter for his wife Mary, for her time was close at hand.
There was no room left where they could stay...
So that Innkeeper turned them both away.

Little did he know...the Child that she would bear was the Emmanuel.
Who'd come to… free us from all sin so we could live again.
On that night so long ago...oh little did he know.

The shepherds kept their lonely watch, just like on any other night.
But when an Angel appeared before them, their mortal hearts were filled with fright.
For the "good news" they would hear...caught them completely unaware.

Little did they know...a Savior had been born nearby in Bethlehem.
Until they…. heard all the Angels sing "praise to the newborn King".
On that night so long little did they know.