Double Star
4. Double Star – Linda McRae / James Whitmire – 4:30

Driftin’ old Dan, his deep-rooted stubble
Etched by past scrapes and blue scars
Years of convictions stare from deep sockets
They found each other in this cut-n-shoot bar
“Corrina” he cried through the spitting and snorting
“You’re the only girl I ever loved”
As Lucky Strike stained workingman’s fingers
Shook fists at the stars above

Come as you are to the Double Star
Wish on the stars above
You won’t find champagne or caviar
But you may find the one you love

She thought back to the day she first met him
And got rid of her old single bed
As the terrycloth towel soaked up what spilled over
From the glasses perched high overhead
Minimum wage didn't pay for the days
When te groping and lewd comments did fly
Tonight some drunk stranger made a pass at his woman
Without thinking Dan hit the guy


A man of few words Dan tended his wounds
Then fell back to their shack east of town
She cried a few tears remembering the years
She’d waited for him to cool down
Her key in the door and the creak of the floor
He looked up from his chair as she passed
Through all the pain he knew that she loved him
Next day they’d start over again