Pain Relief
Pain Relief
(Leyla Fences)

I’m hurting all over, feeling worse for the wear
No, I don’t need a Doctor but I could use some intensive care
I got the chills - I got the shakes
Since you left town my whole body aches
Nothing over the counter is gonna do
I need a dose of you

Diagnosis: Addict
Baby, you’re my high
Stone sober I won’t make it through the night
One day at a time, I’m trying to believe
but it don’t numb a thing
I need prescription strength
I’m going through withdrawal - Can’t you see?
You’re my pain relief

I heard you ain’t coming back - I’m feeling weak at the knees
I’m gonna need an intervention - Lord, how you enable me!!
I’m strung out on love and that’s a tough pill to swallow
but I need my fix - beg, steal or borrow,
I’m gonna do whatever I got to do
I’m so stuck on you


Yeah I’ve hit rock bottom baby - Why can’t you see?
You’re my pain relief