I Wonder
I Wonder
(Leyla Fences)

When our song is on our station
Or our show on my TV
I can’t keep myself from thinking about old times, about you and me
I’ve moved on got a life now - new job, new place, new friends
What’s done is done, there’s no use hanging on, no sense going where I’ve been

Still I wonder, I wonder
What might’ve been that now can’t be
Or if you find yourself looking back
If I visit in your dreams
And I wonder if you think about me
I wonder - Do you wonder about me?

Yeah I heard the news through the grapevine
They said you were doing great
That you’d moved out west and settled down
So good to know that life has done you right and that you’re ok
And everything that we lost you found


Do I cross your mind when you close your eyes sometimes?
If you were to have the chance would you trade today for one in the past?


Just wondering if you think about me
Just wondering
Do you wonder about me?