Pretty Lies
Pretty Lies
(Leyla Fences)

You said “Say yes, you’ll be my princess”
One gold ring and one knee on the floor
Then you took me home to meet your mom and dad at Christmas
But by valentines I’d caught you red-handed with her

Now, you say you’re so blue and you’re sorry
Well, honey - my rose-colored glasses they’re gone
This ain’t a case of the grass is always greener
It’s black and white; clear as day that you done me wrong

Yeah, your true colors they shine through the dark gray clouds
The truth so bright in my naïve eyes
Shades of you lighting up a big blue sky
What a rainbow of pretty lies

My mama told me there’s just two kinds
Those that will and those that won’t
I ain’t sticking around to see if there’s gonna be a next time
It’s plain to see that you do… not me, I don’t!


Yeah that’s some rainbow, big old rainbow of pretty lies
Hey, check out that rainbow - Big old rainbow of pretty lies