from the Earwig Music CD by Les Copeland – To be In Your Company
lyrics, music and arrangement by Les Copeland

Took a little trip, I was feelin' real fine
'til I hit that borderline
I really like the boys with the big black shoes
they tell you what to do

Quite the game of cat and mouse
when you hit that homeland house
bow your head or they'll get real mean
you better be squeaky clean

Have you had misfortune, did you bring meat
How'd you learn to hide drugs underneath your seat
If you brought liquor, there's a real big fine
Just havin' some fun at the borderline

Hey there fella that's a nice guitar
You're gonna make money in a Washington bar
You got no papers, let's be frank
We'd like to get to know you in the holding tank

I got a little nervous, but I didn't sweat
I looked him in the eye and I made a bet
I said “You get a lot of outlaws from across the sea
but they don't look like me
I'm playing for free in an Oregon town
I just wanna see if Honeyboy's around”
they rolled their eyes, and they shook their head
sent me home instead

If you wanna get across, you better play our game
don't be sneakin' in no oranges again
you get down on your knees that's amighty fine
just havin' some fun at the borderline

If you're going to see your Granny, where does she live
you better get it right cuz we don't forgive
we'll nail you right down
just before the oil line
just havin' some fun at the borderline

copyright by Les Copeland/Earwig Music Company, Inc. 2014