The Farmer
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9. The Farmer
Songwriter(s): Larry Cordle/Galen Griffin/Buddy Owens
Publisher(s): Wandachord Music, BMI
Amerimonte Music, BMI/Cajun Yankees Music, BMI
Quinnford Music Publishing, BMI

Verse 1:
Up before the rooster crows
In his old bib overalls
A cup of coffee black and strong
While he put his work shoes on
He’ll feed the mules
And milk the cows
He’s got fields he has to plow
So begins another day
In the life ….. of the farmer

A never ending old routine
Watch the sky and pray for rain
It’s a struggle every day
But he has faith and don’t complain
Its who he is and what he loves
And I know that God above
Used a lot of special dust
When He made the farmer

Verse 2:
His calloused handshake is his word
And good as gold or so I’ve heard
On his knees he makes a stand
His legacy is in the land
It’s not for fortune, not for fame
You may never know his name
With honest sweat he feeds the world
That’s why God made …. The farmer

Repeat Chorus: