The Farmer
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9. The Farmer
Songwriter(s): Larry Cordle/Galen Griffin/Buddy Owens
Publisher(s): Wandachord Music, BMI
Amerimonte Music, BMI/Cajun Yankees Music, BMI
Quinnford Music Publishing, BMI

I was inspired by the late great Paul Harvey’s 1978 speech to the Future Farmers of America, which was later made into a Dodge Ram advertisement for Super bowl XLVII. Mr. Harvey’s piece was called ‘God made a farmer’. It made the hair stand up on my arm & brought tears to my eyes, the first time I heard it. It reminded me so much of my
grandfathers and the many other farmers that I’ve known in my life.
Honest as the day is long, often struggling to make ends meet but never wavering in their commitment to working the land, to their families and to their God. I could never say it better than Mr. Harvey but Galen, Buddy & I made the best attempt we could at putting into
song how we feel about …….. The farmer……. God Bless them all.