The Cowboy and The Last Red Man
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6. The Cowboy and The Last Red Man
Songwriter(s): Jim Rushing/Leslie Satcher
Publisher(s): BMG Rights Management, Inc. ASCAP
Island Bound Music/EMI Blackwood, BMI

This song was written by two of my dearest friends Jim Rushing and Leslie Satcher. I have recently talked with both of these great writers and asked how this song came about. Jim says it was Leslie’s idea, Leslie says she doesn’t remember much about it but adds, “I just did what I always did when I was with Rushing, kept my mouth shut and try to learn something”. Now that was a statement I could readily relate to, having done likewise on many occasions, when I was writing with the ‘Old Professor’.
I have loved this song since the first time I heard it circa 1995/96 … I have often tried to visualize these two old
men, once bitter enemies now fast friends and the way of life they knew… forever gone.I know Jim’s grandfather is in New Mexico’s Cowboy Hall of Fame & both Jim & Leslie are from Texas.
I can easily see how they came upon this great idea & turned it into this powerful tale of a time and two friends now, all but forgotten.
I really wanted to be a cowboy when I was a kid….