Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
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4. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Songwriter: Harlan Howard
Publisher: Ol’ Harlan Songs, BMI: Admin by:
Traveller’s Hollow Music, LLC
Legacy of Harlan Perry Howard, BMI

One night, while hanging out at a smoky West Coast honky-tonk, Harlan Howard, finally received his biggest break. Ironically, this wonderful opportunity came in the form of a lovers’ spat. Harlan was watching a young couple fussing at the club. After they had argued for a while, the girl walked off. When she did, the man yelled at her, “Well, you can just pick me up on your way down.” Harlan thought about the incident, and especially that line, for the rest of the night and when he arrived home he took a pen and paper and had the song finished by morning. This song became the signature song of Charlie Walker reaching #2 in 1958 and is a song I’ve known & loved my whole life. I had a hunch it would make a good Bluegrass tune and sure enough, I think it did. Harlan if you’re listening up there, I sure hope you approve of our take on your classic number. RIP old pal.