Where The Trees Know My Name
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3. Where The Trees Know My Name
Songwriter(s): Leslie Satcher/Larry Cordle
Publisher(s): Satcherated Songs/Notting Hill Music, BMI
Wandachord Music, BMI

This was an idea brought to me by Leslie awhile back. She told me at the beginning of the day that she had something she thought I was going to like. I immediately was consumed with what imagery we could get in the song and I think we managed to find a melody, for the mood the song title seemed to suggest. Once it started taking shape, I was immediately transported back to my East Kentucky childhood and I’m sure Leslie was taken back to her Texas roots and her early years.
I thought of the innocence I had back then, now gone forever and how I was so much of the land, hills and woods around my old country home, that I really felt like the trees might know my name. Lord knows I climbed enough of them and although I’m sure they are grown over by now, I had my initials carved in several of their trunks. Thank you Leslie for this one. It is special to me.