The Devil and Shade Wallen (New single)
Larry Cordle (615) 830-4765

12. The Devil and Shade Wallen
Songwriter(s): Larry Cordle/Larry Shell
Publisher(s): Wandachord Music, BMI
Not Her Money Music, BMI

Verse 1:
The 8th of January broke clear and freezing cold
You could hear the timber pop and crack
All down the mountain road
A neighbor came and told my mom you best be comin’ quick
Shade Wallen’s on his dyin bed, he’s awful frail and sick

Verse 2:
‘Ol Shade was a wicked man he cussed with every breath
His wife called for the preacher but he scared him half to death
He said don’t you pray for me why damn you anyhow
Took a painful ragged breath and said it’s too late to save me now

Verse 3:
Mom got he coat and told me go saddle up old Bill
And the cold night bit into me as we rode off through the hills
We journeyed for an hour till we saw a coal oil light
When mom got down I tied old Bill with the other horses tight

Verse 4:
Inside mom said Miss Virgie I just don’t know what to say
But you should eat something honey, let me fix you a plate
She looked up with tear filled eyes without an ounce of hope
And just said Sis pray with me, that ‘ol Shade don’t lose his soul

Verse 5:
At the dead hour of midnight, an eerie still fell on that room
No sound except for ‘ol Shade, fightin hard against his doom
He tried to whisper something, what on earth could it mean
But then his eyes flew open and he let out a desperate scream

What happened next I’ll tell you, haunts me to this day I swear
Cold as it was the spring frogs, started croakin’ everywhere
Outside the tethered horses, all broke away and ran
And his old hound dogs tucked their tails and were never seen again

Verse 7:
Well I don’t know just exactly, when ‘ol Shade gave up the ghost
But that final wretched struggle, is what I remember most
And of that night of terror, Willie Ramey said it best
The devil came and got ‘Ol Shade, when he took his last breath