Cherokee Fiddle (featured track)
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2. Cherokee Fiddle
Songwriter: Michael Martin Murphey
Publisher: Bro’n Sis Music, Inc. OBO Mystery Music, Inc., BMI

Verse 1:
When the train pulled into the station
He opened up his case and rosined up his bow
Fiddle upside down Orange Blossom Special
Cause if you want to make a livin’ you gotta put on a good show

But when he’d smell the smoke and the cinder
He’d slick back his hair and open up his case
Played Cherokee Fiddle just played it for the whiskey
Cause good whiskey never let him loose his place

Verse 2:
He was always there playin’ for the miners
Devil’s Dream was a song they understood
Then he’d go back to Oaklahoma
And he’d wait till the trains was runnin’ and the weather was good

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
Now the Indians are dressin’ up like cowboys
And the cowboys are puttin’ leather and turquoise on
And the music is sold by lawyers
And the fools who fiddle in middle of the station are gone

Some folks say they’ll never miss him
Old fiddles squeal like the engine brakes
Cherokee fiddle is gone forever
Just like the music that the whistle of the old locomotive made

Last Chorus:
So when you smell the smoke and the cinder
Slick back your hair and open your case
Play Cherokee fiddle just play it for the whiskey
Cause good whiskey never lets you lose your place
No… good whiskey will never let you lose your place