Cherokee Fiddle (featured track)
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2. Cherokee Fiddle
Songwriter: Michael Martin Murphey
Publisher: Bro’n Sis Music, Inc. OBO Mystery Music, Inc., BMI

This song was written by the great songwriter and artist, Michael Martin Murphey and is part of the soundtrack of my younger days. Some of you will recall Michael’s great recording of it circa 1978. Others no doubt, will remember legendary artist Johnny Lee’s landmark recording from the soundtrack of Urban Cowboy around 1980.
When I 1st got hold of the Urban Cowboy soundtrack I immediately fell in love with not only the story but the great melody Michael had woven the story around. I was working at Lee’s Lounge in Winchester, KY, with a band called ‘Homebrew,’ when the movie and song came out. Six nights a week I sang this song for over 2 years.Recently, I remembered how much I loved the song back then and when compiling the songs for this CD, realized I still loved it.I thought it would convert well to Bluegrass based instrumentation and I think it did. Thank you Michael Martin Murphey for such a great song! I hope if you ever hear it, that you are pleased with our take on it.

musicians & singers:
lead vocal-Larry Cordle
tenor vocal-Carl Jackson
high baritone vocal & scats-Val Storey
bass: Mike Bub
banjo: Scott Vestal
fiddle: Jenee Fleenor
guitar: Cody Kilby
mandolin: Casey Campbell
funky Weissenborn: Rob Ickes