Breakin' on the Jimmy Ridge (featured track)
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7. Breakin’ On The Jimmy Ridge
Songwriter(s): Larry Cordle/Larry Shell
Publisher(s): Wandachord Music, BMI
Not Her Money Music, BMI
Verse 1:
Rawl Butler was a weatherman but he wasn't on tv
he knew if it was gonna rain by all the sights he seen
Well he knew it meant wet weather
When he heard the tree frogs sing
And what it meant when the southern moon
Had a Golden Ring

Verse 2:
The Farmers came from miles around
When it got hot and dry
hopin' for some good news
When he looked up in the sky
He'd look up at a big black cloud
From the Carter County Bridge
Say I'm afraid it's bad news boys
She's-a-breakin' on the Jimmy Ridge

She's breakin' on the Jimmy Ridge boys
Breakin' on the Jimmy Ridge
There'll be no rain here today
She's breakin' on the Jimmy Ridge

Verse 3:
Nowadays there's satellites and doppler radar screens
and some dude with a PHD to tell you what it means
But for all their education and tools of the trade
They still don't always get it right
When they say it's a gonna rain

Repeat Chorus