Two Highways
Two highways lay before me
Which one would I choose
Down one lane I’d find happiness
Down the other I would lose
There is no one that I can trust
I must decide alone
My decision is an awful one
Which road will take me home

In the morning will I wake to find
Down the wrong road I have gone
Or will I hear the melodies
I’ve searched for oh, so long
Only time will tell
If I have made a losers choice
Hello sadness cries my inner soul
Goodbye lover moans my voice

The perils they are many
As I set out on my way
If I lose your love
I know that I can’t call it back someday
Rambler, lonely rambler
Just calls anyplace his home
Nashville’s lights how beautiful you shine

You’re wishing now that you had found
A word or two to say
But the morning came and we both knew
My eyes gave it away
As I kissed your cheek and said goodbye
I thought only time will tell
But you can’t draw water from, an empty well


Lead vocals: Larry Cordle & Alison Krauss
Back ground vocals: Alison Krauss, Val Storey & Larry Cordle
Banjo: Ron Block
Bass: Mike Anglin
Dobro: Jerry Douglas
Guitar: Booie Beach
Mandolin: Wayne Benson