Lonesome Standard Time
Verse 1:
Do you feel a kindred spirit
To the sound of pouring rain
Does your start to yearning
When you hear a distant train
If you’d like to take that train and ride
To someone left behind
You don’t need a watch to tell you
You’re on lonesome standard time

Verse 2:
Do you sit alone and think about
An old love from the past
Do you feel a bit more empty
Every time you raise your glass
If the memory of her kisses
Sends a shiver up you spine
You don’t need the wind to tell you
You’re on lonesome standard time

When you hear them old sad songs
Do you hang on every word
Do you swear a crying fiddle
Is the sweetest sound on earth
If you shudder at the music of
A hoot owl in the pines
You’re on lonesome standard time

Verse 3:
There’s a bigger clock a-tickin’
It crosses every zone
The first time your old heart broke
Was the time you turned it on
It don’t never need a-windin’
Cause if it works like mine
There ain’t no doubt about it
You’re on lonesome standard time

Repeat chorus

Lead vocal: Larry Cordle & Kathy Matta
Backvocals: Carl Jackson & Jerry Salley
Banjo: Kristin Scott Benson
Bass: Mike Anglin
Dobro: Randy Kohrs
Fiddles: Tim Crouch
Guitar: Bryan Sutton
Mandolin: Andy Leftwitch