The Bigger The Fool (The Harder The Fall
1990. I’m out on my own and it’s kind of scary. My deal with BMG Publishing Co., (run by my friend & great publisher, Henry Hurt), has not come through yet and money is tighter that I remember it being in a good while. I am playing weekly at a club in Hendersonville, TN (Bell Cove Club), on Wednesday nights with fiddle great Glen Duncan, brothers Derwin & Danny Hinson and Kenny Lewis. I’m still writing but really need to find another hit somehow. I have a writing session with dear friend, songwriting legend and mentor Jim Rushing, who is still plying his trade at Polygram. In his office there, he looks at me over the reading glasses on his nose and says, “the bigger the fool, the harder the fall”. Oh man! I love that! It has those answers like old gospel songs. I think Ricky will love this… or John Anderson? No such luck. Oh well, I love the piece, so… Glen Duncan, me and our band Lonesome Standard Time band, finally get around to recording in on our 2nd release for Sugar Hill Records. It is a big hit for us in 1993 or 94, gets nominated for song of the year @ IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) and we get a guest spot on The TV show, American Music Shop, because of our song. Kenny Chesney (who I have met in Nashville), has a record deal and has our song on hold. He cuts it on his first CD for Capricorn records. Ricky sings the back vocals and it’s a big hit & I’m on easy street…well, NOT! But I love Kenny’s record of it. Later I can still hear someone else singing it… Oh! Dadgum! Of course! Bluegrass great Del McCoury! Well, he doesn’t do it back then, but does he ever do it here! Such a good friend and national treasure is Del McCoury. Thank you old pal.