Lonesome Dove
I hear a lonesome dove, off in the distance
His cry echoes out through the hills
He’s sad that his lover flew off with another
And I know the sorrow he feels

Lonesome dove, we’re not that different
You sing a sad song but you’re not alone
You been forever forsaken, by the one that you love
I know how you feel lonesome dove
Ooh…. Ooh… ooh, ooh
I know how you feel lonesome dove

I’ve tried to run from the pain of her memory
But I can’t find a place I can hide
And that old lonesome dove
Is gonna mourn for his love
No matter how far he flies


Lead vocal: Larry Cordle & Trisha Yearwood
Background vocals: Trisha Yearwood, Carl Jackson & Larry Cordle
Bass: Dave Pomeroy
Dobro: Randy Kohrs
Fiddles: Tim Crouch
Guitar: Bryan Sutton & Larry Cordle
Mandolin: Chris Davis