How Could I Love Her So Much
Songwriter: H. Moffatt
"How Could I Love Her So Much" is a country song first recorded by Johnny Rodriquez circa 1980. This was a huge hit for Johnny and songwriter Hugh Moffatt. When picking songs for the new album, my longtime Lonesome Standard Time dobro player, Kim Gardner, mentioned that an earlier band he had been in, After 5, had been performing the song and would make a great Bluegrass song. I remembered at some point thinking that as well, but I had never followed through on recording it.
When I put the song list together for the new album, I decided to give it a try. My take on the song is in a different timing than that used by Johnny R.... I'm not sure what timing the writer Hugh Moffatt wrote the song in (I never knew him,) but he was a great songwriter) but I would guess it was like Rodriquez recorded it. I have always loved the song, and I love this track, and I think it makes a fantastic bluegrass song.
The players really outdid themselves; I feel. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.