November Wind
Nashville singer-songwriter, Larry Cordle is out with a new single, “November Wind,” he co-wrote with Larry Shell and Trey Hensley. “November Wind” is available to radio programmers today with a digital release scheduled for September 29, 2023.
Cordle explains the song’s genesis. “November Wind’ was a song Idea that I’d had in my back pocket for a good while. I was saving it for my old friend and frequent co-writer Larry Shell, hoping that he would like it, the next time I got the opportunity to write with him. We had already written a few songs with our pal Trey Hensley and so when Shell came back to Nashville, from his Florida home, we managed to get Trey to a writing session with us.”
“I had written down some of what I thought might be the first verse of the song. I didn’t start out the session by pitching the song idea to the boys. As we always do, we kicked around a couple of things which didn’t seem to be going anywhere, so Shell said what about the ‘November’ thing you were telling me about. I played what I had of it, and it seemed to gain traction from there. I had had the cold shoulder thought… a person’s cold shoulder and a cold highway shoulder and the boys helped me craft the melody and the tale into what you hear. It just naturally felt like a breakup song and so, we just let it be what it was gonna be. I love writing with these two. We always get something I like. I only wish we got to do it more,” said Cordle.

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