The Abduction of Antônio Vilas-Boas
Antonio Vilas Boaz
was a farmer from Brazil
One night in 57 he was working in the field
Suddenly he saw a red star
that cast a blinding light
Four humanoids in overalls
Abducted him that night

Their future was in peril somewhere beyond the stars
An outback solar system past Jupiter and Mars
Like cowboys on a beam of light they rode to earth that day
To save their kind and put their planet in the family way

The victims of a test gone wrong a failed experiment
That rendered all the menfolk forever impotent
They had searched the Milky Way galaxies both far and wide
Antonio was the last great hope their planet would survive

In a little room they stripped him
and rubbed him down with gel
Introduced him to their sister an alien Jezebel
Hypnotized by her blue eyes he tried hard to resist
But that space girl she seduced him with a cosmic kiss.

An awkward moment followed an extraordinary seen
He didn’t know if was real or if it was a dream
But somehow in the throws of love
Old Tony came to know
He was gonna be a Daddy on the planet buffalo

Now somewhere there’s a farmer, Tony junior is his name
Plowing in the soil in a cosmos far away
His mom told him the legend that all the space folks know
His daddy saved them from extinction on the planet buffalo.