Groove Me Baby (Featured Single) (04:02)
Groove Me Baby (Featured Single) (4:02)

Lady J Huston
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Songwriter: Joyce A. Huston ©1992


You got my love in the palm of your hand,
All I ever needed was a strong, kind man.
Ooh don't leave me, no, don't you leave me this way
'Cause your good, sweet loving is what I want every minute of the day.

You promised me to never leave my side
You gave me strength to keep my heart alive
Ooh how you soothe me, you make me lose control
Every single, little touch you make wreaks much havoc in my soul.

How I love your tender touch, makes me move inside so much,
sets my soul on fire.
Come on baby come down here, never leave me never fear,
I feel a strong desire.
Come on baby and hold me tight, you can bet I won't put up a fight.

Groove Me Baby, Groove Me Baby, oh I like it so much.
Groove Me Baby, soothe me baby, I can't ever get enough.
Groove Me Baby, Groove Me Baby, you make me want to scream and shout.
Groove Me Baby, soothe me baby, come right here I'll never leave you with a doubt.

You came my way on a lonely night
And held me close and said, it'll be all right.
All those precious nights that we shared
What you gave to me can never be compared.
I'm just sitting here talking to myself, I don't want nobody else.

CHORUS: (Repeat) ad lib