No Headlights (single)
“No Headlights”

Liz Hengber
Tammy Rogers
Jerry Salley

I can’t stand to see an angel cry
It puts hell fire in my eyes
When she came knocking at my door
That's when I swore
You’ll never hurt her anymore

I’ll spell it out boy, here's the deal
You stay on your side of the hill
You so much as look her way
You’re gonna pay...
Better listen when I say

No you won't hear me in your drive
I'll just pull up in the cover of the night
Don’t make me have to come and set things right
If I come for you neath the blood red moon
There won't be no headlights

One shot from her one shot from me
Two bullets for each bruise I see
I’m warning you when you see my face
It’ll be too late
You’ll never live to see the day


Starstruck Writer’s Group/Giving Out Wings Music (ASCAP)/ Tammy’s Tunes (SESAC)/Banner Music/Banner Bison Songs Music Publishing/Extry Good Music (SESAC)