Getaway (3:37)
Some head up to the mountains, drop a tent by a creek,
Stay there for days and never worry about a thing.
Others to the ocean with their toes in the sand,
sit and watch the waves roll in and out again,
but for me there's one place that I would rather be.

You're my great escape. The perfect destination,
Where my heart retreats on a grand vacation.
The highest mountain that I'm running to at the end of Every day, cause baby
You're my getaway

Some buy a travel ticket to a big exotic place,
But walking in our front all my stress melts away
Cause that's where you are and I find myself in your arms.
I'll take our old pickup, in a field by a dirt road.
Sit and watch the sunset, listen to the radio.
Laugh and talk a while,
On our own secluded isle.


So lets take that drive.
Disappear for a while.