Salvation Road
Verse 1: As we travel down life's pathway, troubles are plenty, pleasures so few. Jesus offers the path to salvation, at the crossroads which path will you choose.

Chorus: It's a path to light, (repeat), and a road to glory,(repeat) Salvation Road, (repeat) to the home above, (repeat), it's a street of gold, (repeat) no need to worry, (repeat) it's a highway home, (repeat) to the ones we love (repeat).

Verse 2: The road is well marked on our journey, maps and road signs to show us the way, don't be blinded as you travel, keep faith in our Savior he'll show you the way.

Verse 3: Others you'll meet along God's highway, many will stumble many will fall, as you travel give a hand to your brother, on Salvation Road there is room for us all.