You're on Your Own
You're On Your Own
(Words and Music by Billy White, Jr.)

You're on your own, you won't have me no more to kick around
Guess I was wrong and you just weren't the kind to settle down
You left me here while you went runnin' 'round to paint the town
But not for long 'cause now I'm gone, you're on your own

I knew from the start you were gonna break my heart
I could see the writing on the wall
It said, “Dump her boy! She’s using you like a toy!”
So now it’s time for you to take the fall

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

Oh I tried to love you, but you wouldn't stay
So now I am telling you, “Get on on your way!”

Repeat Chorus

Hey not for long, now I’m long gone
You’re on your own!

© 1997 Billy White, Jr. – Hoopie Music BMI