(Words and Music by Billy White, Jr.)

Verse 1
Little girl you’ve been through quite a lot these past few days
And I know it’s hard to be strong in many ways
But you have to know some things will never change
One is my love for you through all the rain

And if there is anything I can do for you tonight
Just let me know babe and I’ll try to make it right
‘Cause I really love you and I want to see you through
All of your trials love, though it be just me and you against the world

Verse 2
I realize sometimes you get so down
All you can feel are the storms gathering ‘round
But I can see sunshine on a clear cloudless day
On the horizon, heading your way

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

Repeat Chorus

Me and you and you and me, against the world
Me and you

© 1991 Billy White, Jr. – Hoopie Music BMI