84 Days (Radio Edit)
84 Days
(Words and Music by Billy White, Jr.)

Verse 1
Another cold and dreary morning, I’m packing up my things
I can barely stand to leave you since we put on these rings
For two happy weeks now we’ve shared this bliss
And before I turn to go, give me just one more kiss

Verse 2
We both knew this day was coming, when we said, “I do”
There’s nothing else in this world could take me from you
But duty calls I must go, nothing else need be said
The hardest thing I’m facing is you all alone in this bed

Eighty-four days ‘til I come home
Eighty-four days you’ll be all alone
And I won’t see the sun or anything else up above
Eighty-four days ‘til I’m back with the one I love

Verse 3
To the world outside and you I’ll seem to disappear
Like I’m gone forever, not a word will you hear
I’ll be in the dark too, won’t even know where I am
The only word from home a simple family-gram

It’s my job I volunteered you see
To keep our family and this nation safe and free
Gliding out beneath the water never seen
In this silent running submarine

Guitar Solo

Repeat Chorus

Eighty-four days ‘til I’m back with the one I love

© 1999 Billy W. White, Jr. – Hoopie Music BMI