Coming Soon
Coming Soon
(Words and Music by Billy White, Jr. & Sonny Franks)

Verse 1
The following promise is rated T for True
Approved for all ages but given to you
No need to turn a way or hide your eyes
Don’t mean to scare you, but you may be surprised
So close off your doubts, open your heart
Our story’s about to start

There’ll be action, adventure, love and romance
Tears and joy, a song and a dance
Mystery, drama and comedy too
Coming soon to a heart near you

Verse 2
Blazing across your life is our love
Spectacular visions you’ve only dreamed of
An epic adventure with this guarantee
Unbelievable passion will soon be set free
All this and more await me and you
If you’ll only answer “I do”

Repeat Chorus

And with my ring on your finger and your hand in mine
Imagine the wonder of all we will find
Just when you think the story will end
We fall in love again

Repeat Chorus

Coming soon to a heart near you

© 2001 Billy White, Jr./Sonny Franks – Hoopie Music BMI