Up There On The Hillside (single)
Up there on the hillside neath six feet of clay
Lies the one that I loved but she had to stray
I was blinded by love for so many years
But little did she know her time was drawing near

Going out with the girls don’t wait up I’ll be late
I begged her not to go but she couldn’t wait
Walking the floor and drinking more and more
Cleaning my gun and watching the door

She slipped through the back door along about sunrise
Thinking I was sleeping but to her surprise
She begged and she pleaded for her cheating life
My mind was made up the end was in sight

My gun from my hip would be her demise
Three shots through her heart my Rita would die
Up there on the hillside her body does lay
Lost and alone now I’ll live out my days

Now I’ll be lost and alone til my dying day