A Blind Man
A Blind Man
Words, music and arrangement written by Thessex Johns, pka Johnny Drummer
co-published by Earwig Music Company, Inc. & Johnny Drummer

 2006 Earwig Music Company, Inc, & Thessex Johns pka Johnny Drummer
p 2006 Earwig Music Company, Inc.

I was walking and I met a blind man
With a harmonica and a guitar in his hand
He said please help me across the street my friend
Where I hear those good old blues playing

He said
I was standing on the corner and it began to rain
I was only trying to make a little bit of change
But the police drove up and told me I had to move on
And that bus driver took my last bit of change

And lately I been down on my luck
The times are tough roads are rough
But I can’t give up
But when I hear those good old blues playing
I’m here to tell you I just can’t get enough

I was a musician played with many bands
Some not so famous some made the hall of fame
It seems like everybody has heard my music
But nobody can remember my name

Guitar solo

He said
I might be blind my eyes has failed
I’m greatful there’s nothing wrong with my ears
So please help me across the street you all
I’m still a blues man.